Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Day in D.C.

"Ba" with a view!

The boys :)

Baby's 1st Nuke?

End of the day....We were both sooo tired!

This is always one of the BEST weekends of the year: The National Book Festival! Aiden got to see Laura and Jenna (and their accompanied weaponry) Bob, Cokie, and David Shannon...

the down side: It rained and our umbrella decided to break on the Metro, plus someone decided they would only tolerate the B-Bjorn facing forward with arms out, and we lost a pacifier....

the upside: made it in time to see everyone we wanted to see AND spent a large portion of the day in the motherland (NASM)...Aiden was mesmerized and SO GOOD! We are now the owners of a new Smithsonian umbrella and we made it home dry with BOTH socks!

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