Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Day in D.C.

"Ba" with a view!

The boys :)

Baby's 1st Nuke?

End of the day....We were both sooo tired!

This is always one of the BEST weekends of the year: The National Book Festival! Aiden got to see Laura and Jenna (and their accompanied weaponry) Bob, Cokie, and David Shannon...

the down side: It rained and our umbrella decided to break on the Metro, plus someone decided they would only tolerate the B-Bjorn facing forward with arms out, and we lost a pacifier....

the upside: made it in time to see everyone we wanted to see AND spent a large portion of the day in the motherland (NASM)...Aiden was mesmerized and SO GOOD! We are now the owners of a new Smithsonian umbrella and we made it home dry with BOTH socks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is Good!

Tummy Time!

They look like they are having fun, don't they!

It's so worth NOT having the big back yard...I get to see this every day at 11:00!

The real baby of the house...caught red handed!

"Wimming" in the bubbles, as cousin J would say...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Learning to bend the rules...

While I have never considered myself too caught up in rules or the way things need to be, impending parenthood seems to bring that side out in most of us. But as soon as the baby is actually here it all seems to go out the window. For example:

The pros say to avoid the pacifier...but if I didn't use it my kiddo would be attached to me all day.

In the middle of a particularly long night, I moved him to the vibrating bouncy seat...and we had our best night's sleep since he was born.

Baths seem to only occur once every other day.

I had great aspirations to use cloth diapers...think I will be using flushables (check out A friend gave me a pack and I am kinda crazy about them.

I thought I would move Aiden out of the travel crib (that was in our bedroom) after a week...It took me five BUT he seems to have adjusted just fine. In fact, I put him in there with his Paci and he put himself to sleep last night!

Guilt and motherhood seem to have a strange connection...but I am learning to not feed the machine...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures in Baby Raising!

We had a busy, but fun week with Aiden.

First, we had his one-month wellness check: 11lbs 8oz(!) 23 inches long and healthy as a horse.

We have had some minor reflux issues, but nothing to worry about.

Aiden has been nearly sleeping through the night...waking only once or twice between 10 and 6.

Took the kiddo to the movies on base, saw Pineapple Express and had a few good laughs. Aiden did very well.

Most exciting of all: "Cats" Aiden and I had a chance to join Daddy for some catapult launches on base. With the help of a little hearing protection of course. Very violent, very loud, but pretty cool! We left Aiden in the car with a friend for one...I felt like I was standing RIGHT next to the airplane... the wind and heat coming of those afterburners is crazy! Aiden didn't even flinch in the car...future fighter pilot?