Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures in Baby Raising!

We had a busy, but fun week with Aiden.

First, we had his one-month wellness check: 11lbs 8oz(!) 23 inches long and healthy as a horse.

We have had some minor reflux issues, but nothing to worry about.

Aiden has been nearly sleeping through the night...waking only once or twice between 10 and 6.

Took the kiddo to the movies on base, saw Pineapple Express and had a few good laughs. Aiden did very well.

Most exciting of all: "Cats" Aiden and I had a chance to join Daddy for some catapult launches on base. With the help of a little hearing protection of course. Very violent, very loud, but pretty cool! We left Aiden in the car with a friend for one...I felt like I was standing RIGHT next to the airplane... the wind and heat coming of those afterburners is crazy! Aiden didn't even flinch in the car...future fighter pilot?

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