Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paint Swatch Rage

Over the last 3 years of home ownership, I believe I have collected nearly every paint swatch available at our local store. Somehow, though, the color never quite matches the original sample. Usually this works in our favor and we end up liking the slightly darker/brighter/stronger result...However, in preparation for the new arrival and the many guests that will follow, we decided to take on the previously Navajo /Feather themed guest bathroom (not that there is anything wrong with that, we just feel that the southwest should be left in the southwest...not in an east coast Victorian). I have been looking at several shades of green for several months (green happens to be my favorite color for bathrooms around here, but a tricky color to perfect). Well, the tape is still up and the jury is still out, as the color chosen seems to be more pea soup than "bluegrass". We are not turning back. We have committed, at least for the time being. My apologies to our future guests, but it sure beats the feathers!

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