Saturday, July 26, 2008


A little story from my class...

On the last day of school, I allowed my students to (finally) ask and inquire about the baby and my bulging tummy. We had a blast. I entrusted all 23 of them with our top secret bank of names (3 boy names and 3 girl names) and had them vote on the best of each. We talked about when the baby would arrive and the things I would need to do to be a good mommy. Many students even brought me baby gifts, it was like a mini-shower (Look Mrs. Jones, baby wipes 'cause mommies have to wipe butts alot) !

Then the ultimate question (no, not that one!) "Will Mrs. Jones have a boy or a girl?" This was apparently at the forefront of their minds. One little guy had pulled me aside earlier and assured me that I would be having a boy, no question about it.

"Oh, really? Why do you think that?" I asked.

"Because you have to be tough to have boys, and your really tough..."he replied, not knowing he was making me tear up!

Well we took a class vote. Each student got to come up to the board and place their tally however they so chose to mark boy or girl. Easy enough right? Wrong. The last of the little girls stood staring at the board for several seconds longer than her classmates. She turned to me, eyes big and inquisitive and sincerely asked, "Mrs. Jones, watcha gonna do if its a He-She?"

Welcome to my world...

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