Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

So I never considered myself someone who hates "stuff" anymore than the next person, but pregnancy seems to have me on a roller coaster with "stuff". On one hand, I never realized we had so much clutter hiding in every corner of our home. It's just the two of us but it seems everywhere I look in the last few weeks I find "stuff" to get rid of...It's been thoroughly liberating to let go of old papers and clutter dating as far back as college and to get the few keeper items neatly stored in their newly assigned spot. But on the other hand, the things we will need for impending parenthood (much of which we have put off getting until now and we are suddenly feeling very rushed) seem to fill up the recently cleared nook and cranies as fast as they are cleared. I would like to think this process will eventually slow down...but I have my doubts. Oh long as it keeps going out as fast as it comes in!

We are off to target for the zillionth time to puchase some more of the items people seem shocked we don't have stocked yet.

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mommy! said...

A yea ... get ready to have more crap then you ever imagined possible. We were kinda of hoping to pawn more of our crap on you ... I mean ask you if you need any more of our baby things. In all seriousness, you and Allisun should touch base. We want to pass on anything that you want and we are going to sell or donate the rest and get it out of here! Some good stuff in the mix, so check with us with what's left on your list. -J